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 How to become a Player Moderator.

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D34th L0rd

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PostSubject: How to become a Player Moderator.   Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:06 pm

So you've decided you want to be a Player Moderator for Nvidia-Scape, huh?

Being a Player Moderator for Nvidia-Scape is way more than just being nice, giving new players items, and playing for a long time. Lots of people seem to think that's all you really have to do to become a Player Moderator. There is so much more to being a Player Mod than what meets the eye. People tend to think that being a Player Mod is just all fun and games; it's not. You should think of the title as a Player Mod as the title of a real job. It may be just a game, but being a Player Mod can teach discipline and rules and set boundaries for real people. The Owner, Sebb, and the rest of the NvidiaScape's Staff's goals are to make this game better, more popular, and more enjoyable for all of the players; even the Staff itself. The Nvidia-Scape team hopes to prosper forward in the future and make this game one of the most dominating games in all of the private server industry. With such a title the Player Mod team has to be one-of-a-kind and professional.

To do this, the Nvidia-Scape team needs to find players that are worthy to the game, loyal, and most important of all, respectful. If you cannot do those things, then you will never qualify for Mod. You must be respectful to all of the players, the Staff Team, the Owners, the forums, and the game itself, and behave in such a mature manner. Doing this will get you on our good side, but we will never guarantee you a Mod-ship if you do that. There are more things that come along with this, such as your history with the game, meaning if you have had any punishments in the past, bad records, basically like a police record, only downsized into a game, or any traces or signs of you misleading us in any way. You still think you are so far qualifying for a Mod-ship? Well think again, because there is more.

With all that, also comes you needing proper grammar. No chatspeak, such as "u" "r" "2" "c" etc. Using those will only make it very much harder to read what you are trying to say. Things like "Idk" "Brb" "G2g" "Bbl" etc. are allowed and do not count as chatspeak. Using punctuation is also suggested, such as "don't" "won't" "wouldn't" etc. Now, proper grammar may not come off as a necessity, but it will definitely help you. You still think that's it? Not even close.

Doing things such as offering to buy Moderator, or bribe your way into getting it will only lower your chances of getting it severely and dramatically, and also may result in a punishment. Never do that, as all that will come from it are bad things and a very low respect level.

Please note to never ask to be a Mod. Always remember this; The Staff comes to the players, the players never come to the Staff. Becoming a Moderator is something that should come naturally, not pushed by asking for it or making topics on the forums about it. This will also only lower your chances of becoming a Mod. Also, never tell a friend to put a 'word' in for you about it, meaning don't ever say to anyone "Help me become a Mod" or "Tell the owner that I should be Mod." Again, this will also lower your chances for it. We need very mature players for the job, and if you cannot meet each and every one of these requirements I have said above, do not even bother thinking once of becoming a Mod. If you do meet each and every one of these requirements, and you truly, naturally do, you will be contacted by either The Owner or another staff member in authority.

Important TIP: When posting on the forums and making your name better known within the community also increases your chance to become a Player Mod greatly. By posting and participating on the forums you display a true desire to help out the community in positive ways. So keep this tip in mind!

/Request Sticky

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The Fallen
Game Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: How to become a Player Moderator.   Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:16 pm

Very impressive! Very Happy Nice work mate!

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How to become a Player Moderator.
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