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PostSubject: BETA SUGGESTIONS   Mon Jun 14, 2010 9:48 pm

Post all of your suggestions for the beta client here. Remember it is impossible to be picky.
Suggest anything and everything, a better client is a better everything.
Here are mine.
1.Starting players should get like a tutorial book. It's always a little confusing when coming to a new server. So like a list of things such as teleports and a basic guide book.

2. Personally i don't like varrock as the home. I prefer falador but no problem.

3. Avatar customization. Like in the real RS when you start, you can pick your hair, pants, shirt etc. I know its there but it should be as soon as you log in.

4. Experience gain. I think it should be increased maybe 10%. (maybe 20 or 30.. 40...85..*cough*)

5. Commands? Are they here?

6. Maybe some starting armor? Like iron or bronze.

7. Caskets. When fighting high level monsters or even lows, there should be a low percentage chance of getting a casket which hold inside of it a rare or MEGA RARE item.

8. Even thous RS music is slightly(very) stupid, it should probably all be unlocked and playable.

9. Walk option?

10. More items in the void knight store! Very limited.

Those are just for now. I may add more. So happy posting everyone, your suggestion makes the server better!
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